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Cooplexity Institute is a global organisation that has been focused on High-Performance Executive Teams since 1995. We see Full Collaboration as critical to accelerating Innovation and Efficiency in a Complex and Uncertain world.

We offer consultancy services with related high-end learning and development programmes and coaching. We aim to facilitate cultural integration and change implementation, to break silos and improve inter and intra-team coordination, and to align objectives and focus the organisation on customers.

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Consultancy, Training & Development and Coaching

We are committed to transformational leadership processes for executive teams. From diagnosis to intervention, from learning to performance.


The diagnosis

Identification of Key Structural Elements (KSE) boosting or discouraging the emergence of collaboration.


Emotional - Cognitive

From team-building motivational activities to team-working training and development programmes.


Team - Individual

There are individuals behind all teams. Developing the person, we expand its impact and

Open Courses

To see something new

Our open courses are the easiest way for individuals to know about the Cooplexity Model and related topics.

Our Areas of Expertise to
enlighten your teams

Innovation & Efficiency

The Objective – Success in a changeable world means adaptation by innovating doing new things or being more efficient doing the same things with fewer resources.

Communication & Interrelations

The Key – Communication is understood as an interactive process of building new realities. Knowledge is obtained through self-experience and interaction.

Entrepreneurship & Proactivity

The Energy – In uncertainty, it is riskier to stay still than to move in the wrong direction. Proactivity, initiative and experimentation will keep us in movement adapting ourselves.

Teamwork & Commitment

The Magnet – The whole process of alignment of business objectives achieves results by staying involved and focused on strategic priorities.

Distributed Leadership & Coordination

The Method– Distributed Leadership is necessary to create the right conditions for the emergence of decentralized and spontaneous self-coordination.

Complexity & Uncertainty

The Framework – Today’s interconnected, global society has increased task interdependencies and as a consequence raised the issue of managing complexity to the top of executive concerns.

Best situations for companies to apply

Cultural integration

after mergers and acquisitions

Change implementation

adapting to markets

Breaking silos

increasing communication and teamwork

Uncertainty management

 when expanding business

Complexity understanding

improving vision and strategy

Customer centred

as a critical organisational focus

Talent management

by creating the right contexts

Creativity and innovation

consequence of positive interaction


The heart of our Institute

The heart of our Institute, a cooperation-collaboration model for complexity. It is the result of more than ten years spent in research and five in gathering data. The model provides a framework for managing teams in situations of uncertainty and complexity.

Traditionally, decision-making and management are founded on order, stability and certainty. Managers are often not trained or accustomed to coping with unpredictable events and conditions. The anxiety and bewilderment that comes with conditions of uncertainty and complexity are confusing and inhibiting. Having a model prepared for inducing changes in these situations is especially valuable in times of changes.



Experiential Learning

Simulation & Gaming as methodologies play upon the most excitable nature of the participant, turning them into invaluable experience-building training tools. They influence attitudes, improves relationships, encourages cohesion and team spirit, generates networks among the participants and, create affective bonds between them.

Experimentation through games and simulation enables knowledge to be integrated and automated and is particularly useful to make complex realities easier to understand. It is an ideal methodology for higher training dynamics, both at universities as well as in organizations.

Contemporary businessteam having a meeting, going through figures and graphs.


Learning community

Our set of digital platforms and tutors let the participants creating a learning community where mutual interaction becomes crucial. Our trainers and facilitators, energize eLearning activities. Our leadership in blended counselling, monitoring and moderating will convert your time into a memorable, professional experience.

Either extending residential courses into blended learning programmes or creating a Virtual Learning Environment totally on-line, tutored remote training brings training programmes into a higher learning level to ensure knowledge acquisition and deep insight.



Global Reach - Local Presence

Current global organisations need common training programmes with same general perspective but local adjustments. Complex programmes require complementary approaches and knowledge.

Networking is the essence of Cooplexity Institute. We are a global network of professionals working together by sharing know-how to cover a wider span of specializations; something impossible to find in a company with traditional structure. Let us tackle language and cultural barriers, enabling full potential achievement of international knowledge exchange.


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